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Facilities and Services

We are less than a ten minutes drive from Sudbury and Bury St Edmunds.Brookwood Manor can accommodate up to 28 residents who are aged 65 years and over and diagnosed with dementia. The home offers twenty single rooms and four twin rooms, with a majority of rooms having en-suite facilities. In each corridor there are bath/shower facilities specially adapted for safe usage so residents can maintain their independence.

 Brookwood Manor also provides additional services such as visits from a professional hair dresssre, optician and the local chiropodist. Dental appointments can also be arranged. The local library also visits on a regular basis. All clients are also registered with a local general practitioner.There are Sample bathroom and toilet facilities throughout the building. To aid those individuals who find bathing difficult, all baths are fitted with special bathing facilities., for example Electric bath hoists.There are no set times for visits to the Home, but visiting is at the discretion of the Nurse on duty at the time. People are encouraged to visit as often as they wish and to continue to be involved in the care of their relative/friend.Refreshments are available on request. Visitors may share a meal with their relative for a nominal charge. It is requested that these are booked a day in advance.

Spa treatments such as manicures, facials and complementary therapies (including Indian head massage) are on offer in a variety of our homes. This sees qualified music therapists come to our care home environments to work with the people we support. Our experienced culinary team understands that a good diet is central to overall good health. Brookwood Manor also appreciates that every client has unique nutritional requirements, which could be because of medical or religious reasons, or just personal preferences. We are proud to be able to cater for all these differing needs. The list below is therefore not to be considered as exhaustive and excluding other dietary requirements.
Dementia – may require finger foods or soft diets.
Diabetics – require a varied healthy diet, rich in fruit, vegetables and starchy carbohydrates but low in sugar and saturated fat.
High Energy Needs – underweight residents may need fortified, high calorie, high protein foods that are not too filling.
Food Allergies and Intolerances – require diets with the problematic ingredient(s) omitted. Changes to preparation methods may be required.
Halal, Kosher and Other Religious Diets – require that certain foods be omitted and ingredients be sourced and prepared in a specific way.
Our catering team recognises the importance of person centred care by ensuring that individual likes and dislikes are taken into account along with their nutritional requirements.

Fresh and tasty food 
 Food is an important part in all our lives, and a particularly enjoyable experience at Barchester care homes. Our teams of highly experienced chefs ensure every meal is not only delicious but reflects each individual’s likes, dislikes and dietary requirements. we have devised training programmes that include apprenticeships and master chef classes. These challenge everyone to uphold superior standards, ensuring only the best meals are served in our homes. 

Whether it’s a wholesome shepherd’s pie or a more exotic gourmet delight, we make sure every meal is nutritionally balanced and made from the best and freshest local ingredients. Alongside homemade meals, a range of snacks are also baked fresh each day for the people living in our homes to enjoy either in the dining area or the privacy of their own room.

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