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Dementia Care Sudbury

Dementia is an illness that affects the brain, decreasing how well the brain works. Memory and other functions of the brain are often affected. When someone suffers from dementia (which could be caused by Alzheimer’s Disease, strokes, fronto-temporal dementia, or any of the almost hundred causes) all of us are affected — the patient, care givers, family, friends, colleagues.When a person with dementia finds that their mental abilities are declining, they often feel vulnerable and in need of reassurance and support. Here at Brookwood manor Care home we took utmost care of Dementia Senior Citizen provide full emotional as well as nursing support to them.  We do everything that can  help the person to retain their sense of identity and feelings of self-worth. 

Symptoms of Dementia

All dementias - whether primary or secondary, treatable or untreatable - share a few clinical characteristics in common. Loss of memory and inability to perform routine tasks - such as losing one's way in the neighborhood, difficulties in job performance, language problems - are particularly common.In the progressive dementias, recent memory, retention and attention span deteriorate steadily. Language skills, particularly ability to name objects (anomia) or generate a word list decline until a patient can no longer use full sentences. 

Diagnosis of Dementia

The diagnosis of dementia is based upon a good clinical history and an examination to determine the nature of the organic or non-organic cause of mental confusion. Often, a physician may perform a simple group of memory tests called the "mini mental status examination". 

Activities & therapies

The activity programmes provided by our care teams are tailored to meet our people’s needs and capabilities - and to be thoroughly enjoyed! These range from gardening to baking, outings to gentle exercise and pet care to life skills. Other specialist activities such as reminiscence therapy, music therapy and complimentary therapies are also provided. There are several possible causes of dementia, and current medical knowledge does not provide us clarity on how to prevent all of these. However, it is important to remember that we can act to reduce the chances of some forms of dementia, such as vascular dementia 

Our dementia care team is therefore able to understand the whole person – their needs, requirements and feelings – and provide genuine care accordingly. We encourage residents to maintain familiar routines and activities so that life has meaning. We Believe it's a privilege to take care of your loved ones and we are honored when you choose us to provide this specialist care.