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Care Home Admission Assessment

Before coming to live at Brookwood Manor a comprehensive pre-admission assessment is undertaken which will form the basis for the plan of care – this covers health and personal care needs, medication, details of GP and other therapeutic services provided or that the Service User commissions for her or himself, how the Service User would like to be addressed by staff, preferred times for getting up/going to bed etc. This assessment usually involves family, carers, advocates as well as the Service User and preferably takes place in the Service User’s home.

We have a six week trial period built into the occupancy agreement to give new Service Users time to decide whether “this is the place for them”. By very careful assessment and discussions it is hoped that this period is academic. During this period the Service User’s care and support requirements are further assessed and discussed and a plan of care is developed. The care plan also includes Service Users’ social interests and activities and how these are met and any arrangements to attend religious services of their choice and for contact with relatives, friends and representatives.

Our nursing/care fees range from £650 to £1500 per week. We recognise the importance of person centred care that focuses on the needs of the individual. To that end the staff will ensure that a carefully tailored care plan is created based on an individual pre-admission assessment. This will be planned on your specific needs; therefore the final cost can not be determined until the completion of the assessment and the choice of room available at the time of admission. The plan of care will be reviewed regularly to ensure that any changing needs are identified and an appropriate level of care is provided at all times. We are, therefore, unable to provide a quote without the necessary information and assessment details.